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注意啦~由于现在一年新增4个考季,经过慎重的考虑!ACCA决定不公布新增的3月和9月考季的试题!每年依然只公布主要考季6月份和12月份的past papers!但是,在6月和12月份公布的试题里,也会包含经过考试团队挑选的3月份和9月份考试选择题。而且,从2015年6月之后,将不再公布选择题哦。

After introduction of 4 exam session a year, ACCA has decided not to publish past papers for all 4 sittings.

Instead they will keep publishing only two main sittings past papers i.e June and December. They will not publish past papers of March and September sitting.

Also ACCA has disclosed that question that will be published in these past papers of June and December sittings will be selected from both two consecutive session.

For Example, December 2015 past paper will include only selected question from both September 2015 & December 2015 based upon selection by ACCA Exam Team.

It is worth mentioning that ACCA has also decided not to publish MCQ’s further after June 2015 sitting.

ACCA director of qualifications Catherine Edwards Said: We will not be producing MCQ sections in future

She explained that students sitting the F papers now have three exams worth of multiple choice questions to practice from as good examples – i.e. the pilot, December 2014 and June 2015.

Edwards is urging students to use the examiner’s report for each sitting, as they clearly set out what students do well and less well in. She revealed these reports will also include some MCQ items that sitters have struggled with, not just for this session, but will indicate changes to future sessions, too.

Finally, she explained that the ACCA’s approved providers for content have also had their revision banks assessed by the exam team to ensure that their additional questions are at the appropriate level.

Edwards admitted that when the June 2015 exams for F5, F7, F8 and F9 were initially published ACCA received quite a few queries about why the MCQs had been omitted.

The reason for this is that the policy, in line with what it does for it other exams with MCQs, is not to publish the MCQ sections. The exception is after the first session of a new exam structure.

This is why it published the December 2014 papers in full, and why F6 was published in full this June. She admits the ACCA did not communicate this policy clearly and in response to demand from students decided to publish these in full for the June exams.