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在英国举行公投脱离欧盟的消息公布之后,ACCA行政总裁白容(Helen Brand OBE)向ACCA会员和学员保证,尽管局势面临不确定性,但ACCA作为国际专业组织的运行将一切如常。




ACCA’s statement on the result of Brexit

Following the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union,ACCA chief executive,Helen Brand OBE has reassured ACCA members and students that despite the uncertainty,it is business as usual for the global body;

‘ACCA recognises that there is now a period of uncertainty while the full implications of the result are worked through and understood.However,I can reassure our members,affiliates and students in the UK,Europe and around the world that there is no reason to anticipate any change to the global recognition and portability of the ACCA Qualification.

‘As with any period of change and uncertainty,professional accountants will play a critical and strategic role in bringing much needed stability to business and society.As always,we are ready to support our members and students as they carry out this vital function going forward.

‘Over the coming weeks and months will see changes to the UK’s relationship with Europe,and indeed the rest of the world.We are committed to ensuring our members and students are up to date on all the key developments as they occur.’